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Welcome to the Textile Conservation Centre's (TCC) website which:

The TCC, founded by Karen Finch OBE in 1975 at Hampton Court Palace, became part of the University of Southampton in 1999 but afer great success, it was closed by the University in October 2009. In 2010, Glasgow University and the TC Foundation created the Centre for Textile Conservation at the University of Glasgow.  The Centre for Textile Conservation is thriving in Scotland - you can read more about it by following this link.

Some of our highlights

  • The main building at Glasgow University


    The new Centre for Textile Conservation and Technical Art History was officially opened by HRH The Princess Royal on 9th February 2011.  This new development by Glasgow University with the TCC Foundation brings conservation education to Scottish universities for the first time.

  • King Henry VIII


    From 1999-2009 the TCC raised over £2m for research for its internationally significant research, eg. The AHRC Research Centre in Textile Conservation & Textile Studies (2002-2007). Glasgow University will establish an international research network in textile conservation thanks to support from the Getty Foundation.

  • The Textile Conservation Foundation

    The TCC Foundation has ensured the future of textile conservation education and research in negotiating the development of the new Centre for Textile Conservation as part of Glasgow University. The TCCF’s currentg priorities include raising funds for bursaries and to support research and the purchase of new equipment.  We would welcome your support.

  • Conservation Projects

    Conservation Projects

    The TCC’s professional Conservation Services team offered commercial conservation to museums and private clients in the UK and overseas. The new Centre in Glasgow development does not offer a commercial service, but you can find out about some of the TCC’s past projects and highlights here…

[The Textile Conservation Centre is] a national treasure for Britain, a national treasure on which the other national treasures depend

Jerry Podany,
President of ICC,
April 19th 2009.

Recent News

  1. Karen Finch, OBE, awarded honour for exceptional achievement

    November 2015

    The Trustees of the Textile Conservation Foundation are delighted to announce that Karen Finch, who founded the original Textile Conservation Centre (TCC) 40 years ago in 1975, has been awarded a prestigious prize by the Trustees of the Radcliffe Trust.

  2. More grant success for the Centre for Textile Conservation

    October 2015

    The Leverhulme Trust  has made an award of £200,000 to the Centre for Textile Conservation, University of Glasgow, to carry out . There are many magnificent collections of tapestries in museums and historic houses but they are often in very weak condition, the result of many centuries’ exposure to light, pollution and handling.

    The award will fund a new three-year research project, a collaboration between the Centre for Textile Conservation (CTC) and the School of Engineering at Glasgow University.