The Textile Conservation Centre

Dr Paul Wyeth

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Dr Paul Wyeth MA PhD continues to reap the rewards of his endeavours through the achievements of his former students and research fellows, having promoted the appreciation of science for informed conservation while a senior lecturer in conservation science at the Textile Conservation Centre.

A list of former members of the Conservation Science Research Group, with contact details, together with links to some recent project reports and publications from the Group can be found on the

Research by the Group was aimed at informing the preservation, display and interpretation of organic heritage, with an emphasis on the development and application of non-destructive and non-interventive characterisation techniques. Notable outcomes included the transposition of polarised mid-infrared spectroscopy and in situ near infrared spectroscopy for the characterisation and non-invasive condition assessment of natural and synthetic textile materials. Most recently, the role of relative humidity in the deterioration of silk on open display was highlighted, and our understanding of the ageing of weighted silks furthered, benefitting conservators and curators and their collections. Paul gratefully acknowledges that this was accomplished in various enjoyable and successful collaborative ventures, supported in the main by the Arts and Humanities Research Council