The Textile Conservation Centre


This section of the website focusses on the internationally important research that has been undertaken by the TCC in the last decade. During this time the TCC staff have raised over £2m for research projects including a single grant of £948,000 to establish the AHRC Research Centre in Textile Conservation and Textile Studies (2002-2007). The aim of our research strategy has been to enhance the preservation, presentation and use of cultural heritage by fostering effective research collaborations with the conservation and heritage sectors in the UK and overseas via object-based research within a ‘material culture’ framework.

We have attracted a number of major research grants, some details of which are given in this section of the site. The TCC staff also made a strong submission to the 2008 Research Assessment Excercise (RAE), again details can be found within this part of our website.

The TCC has also attracted a growing number of research students who have focussed on museological and conservation issues. Abstracts are given in the section MPhil/PhD Research; brief details of their research topics are as follows:

Paul Garside (2002) Investigations of Analytical Techniques for the Characterisation of Natural Textile Fibres Towards Informed Conservation [Supervisor: Paul Wyeth];

Averil Macdonald (2005) Raman Spectroscopy and the Conservation of Historic Painted Textiles [Supervisor: Paul Wyeth];

Lee Clatworthy (2006) Henry Temple, first Viscount Palmerston (1676-1757): the man and his household examined through the Broadlands Estate Papers [Supervisors: Maria Hayward and Dinah Eastop];

Anne-Marie Deisser (2007) Investigating Partnership between local and institutional communities for the preventive conservation of cultural heritage;

Oscar Embola (2007) Contemporary museum practice in England and its potential application for Cameroon museum [Supervisors: Dinah Eastop, Mary M. Brooks and Paul Wyeth];

Joelle Wickens (2008) Eero Aarnio’s Globe: A platform for an investigation of challenges and possibilities related to the conservation of twentieth century foam upholstered furniture [Supervisors: Kate Gill and Paul Wyeth];

Emma Richardson (2009) Characrteization of synthetic polyamide textiles in the heritage sector [Supervisors: Paul Wyeth and Graham Martin];

Christina Margariti (2009) Exploring the application of instrumental analysis for the conservation of textiles excavated in Greece [Supervisor: Paul Wyeth and Dinah Eastop];