The Textile Conservation Centre

Textile Conservation: Advances in Practice

 Textile Conservation: Advances  in Practice, edited by former TCC Senior Lecturer Frances Lennard and Patricia Ewer has been published by Butterworth Heinemann.  This important book The book focuses on four major factors which have influenced development in textile conservation practice since the 1980s: the changing context, an evolution in the way conservators think about objects, the greater involvement of stakeholders, and technical developments. These are all integral to effective conservation decision-making.

"Textile Conservation: Advances in Practice shows how far we have come in the last 20 years, and demonstrates that conservation is no longer just an object based discipline, but a complex interweaving of many different factors,for example: stakeholders, budgets, timescales and public access that makes the actual conservation sometimes seem only a small part of the overall project...This book would make a useful addition to the library of any conservator, not just one of textiles, as it addresses problems current to all conservators." - Review by Annabel Wylie