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Ann Kvitvang Textile Conservator


KVITVANG, A. Preservation of textile artefacts and textile traditions; through conservation, preservation of skills and reconstruction of materials. (Working title). In: Yearbook of Sparbu Local History Society 2009, Norway.


KVITVANG, A. Display and interpretation of traditional Norwegian culture in Norway’s Folk Museums with the main focus on the author’s experience with the textile tradition of the Setesdal Valley. UKIC Ethnography Section 2005. London: Archetype Publishing.


KVITVANG, A. 1998. Koss ein kler seg. 1998. (Educational booklet on the folk costume tradition of Setesdal aimed at nursery schools and primary schools in Setesdal.) Valle: Setesdalsmuseet.

KVITVANG A. 2003. Removal of dyebleeding from embroidered costume ttems through wetcleaning on a vacuum suction table. In L. DAWSON and M. BERKOUWER, eds. Dust, Sweat and Tears, UKIC AGM, Textile Section Postprints. London: UKIC, 58-68.