The Textile Conservation Centre

Research Fellows and Research Conservators


Dr Leo Dokos

Extending the life of tapestries using non-destructive strain measurement techniques and damage detection

Dr Leo Dokos and Melin Sahin

Displaying and storing historic textiles: monitoring the pressure and internal environment of pressure mounts

Dr Paul Garside

The characterisation of the deterioration mechanisms of textile fibres

Dr Fiona Handley

Fabric of the Past: Interpreting the textiles and people of Quseir-al-Qadim, Egypt

Dr Peter Jones

The symbolic use of dress and textiles in early nineteenth-century popular protest

Dr Elizabeth Kramer

Anglo-Japanese Textile Culture and Victorian Britain, 1875-1900

Dr Jane Malcolm-Davies

A survey of church effigies and religious memorials as three-dimensional representation of 16th century dress

Dr Shelagh Mitchell

Garter Ladies

Dr Sonia O’Connor

X-radiography of organic artefacts

Dr Andrew Wilson

Source, trade and exchange of textile raw materials in Pre-Hispanic Peru utilising stable isotope signatures: implications for conservation and curation

Dr Xiaomei Zhang

Developing improved collections management and tools for silk textiles



Rosemary Baker

A study of synthetic textile dyes

Jenny Band

The preservation of surviving royal textiles in Hampton Court Palace from the closure of the Great Wardrobe maintenance department in 1782 until the present day

Nicola Gentle

The rare survival of a seventeenth century middle-class bed with textile hangings of printed wool

Kate Gill

An investigation into the materials and construction of early saddles and upholstered seat furniture

An evaluation of a portable X-ray unit for on-site examination in historic houses

Alison Lister

Wall hangings at the Royal Festival Hall

Doon Lovett

Relating Computed Tomography (CT) Images to Excavation Findings

The characterisation of the degradation process of polyurethane

Cordelia Rogerson

The characterisation of 19th century painted banners: manufacturing methods and materials

Amber Rowe

An investigation of archival sources to identify the cut and construction of missing components of clothing worn by George Mallory on the 1924 Everest expedition

Morwena Stephens

Developing a physico-chemical text of British Wool Tradecloths to identify their presence in Ethnographic artefacts

Karen Thompson and Mike Halliwell

An initial exploration of the benefits of using transmitted visible light and infra-red photography to access information concealed within multi-layered textiles